15 Content Marketing Questions

So your company has admitted you need less commercial marketing focusing on what makes your brand great and more content marketing relating to topics your audience actually cares about. So what happens next?

CN_ContentStrategyMany companies think the best thing to do is to simply start increasing their content output, typically taking the form of more blog articles and press releases or eBooks which they then share with their existing audience via email or social media.

Although this is exactly the type of content marketing you should be thinking about, publishing it without the right foundations in place can be a big waste of time and money for your business and in many cases do more harm than good.

Just because you need a strategy, doesn’t mean that it has to take you too long to come up with one that will work. All you need is a clear understanding of what your audience expects and a realistic approach to how such a strategy could be implemented.

Below is a list of 15 questions which it is essential you answer before embarking on any sort of content marketing activity;

  1. Who is your target AUDIENCE?
  2. What sort of TOPICS currently interest them?
  3. Which CHANNELS do they visit to consume content?
  4. Which topics could, in some way, RELATE to your business or brand?
  5. WHO is going to CREATE this content for you?
  6. How FREQUENTLY should you publish new material?
  7. Which FORMAT should you publish content in? (blog article, ebook etc)
  8. Which CHANNEL should you publish to? (Website, Blog or Email?)
  9. Are your website/blogs correctly OPTIMISED for search engines?
  10. Do you know which pages are NOT being INDEXED by search engines?
  11. How many of your email subscribers READ (or even open) your newsletters?
  12. How many people does your business INTERACT with across social media?
  13. Are follower figures REFLECTED in the total number of interactions?
  14. What role should SOCIAL MEDIA play?
  15. How can you MEASURE performance?

Never mind the answers, failing to even ask yourself these questions is the reason why many companies continue to miss out on the opportunity effective content marketing offers.