Should you outsource Content Creation?


With more and more businesses realising succeeding online today is all about audience engagement, its understandable that content marketing has become a leading trend that experts say will double throughout 2014.

What’s more, forward-thinking brands are quickly working out that for content marketing to be truly effective you can’t manage everything in-house and need to forge relationships with external commentators who will add weight to your messaging. They also agree that leveraging external comment frequently offers the additional benefit of spotting trends internal teams would typically never hear about.

Despite this being an increasing trend, many companies still believe content is something that can and should only ever be managed in-house. One assumes this is mainly due to incorrect assumption that content marketing should be treated like any other traditional marketing activity – kept within arm’s reach of the brand. Although this clearly applies to an over-arching strategy, the same can’t be said when it comes to creation, especially given the time and specific skills required to make it work.

To help these businesses see the light and recognise the benefits of outsourcing this function, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 reasons why creating all content in-house is not just a bad idea, it’s more expensive and these days totally unnecessary.

Enjoy, and as always please feel free to comment!

1. It's not your top priority

If you’re like any normal business, your marketing team has a million things to do and that’s when you’re not busy. Setting up and implementing a cross channel content marketing and social media strategy is seldom going to make it to the top of your marketing to-do list.

2. Face it, you're narrow-minded

Sometimes, people are so passionate about their business they can't see the wood for the trees and their marketing only focuses on what they want to say instead of what their audience wants to hear. People have little interest in learning why you think your products and services are so awesome, what they really want to know is why they should buy from you and not the competition.

3. Content Strategy Yes, Creation No!

Planning & Implementing ongoing content marketing campaigns that are to be successful is a full time job, and that's before anyone's started writing. Someone internal will always need to have an eye on your brand's digital footprint, but you'll still need to employ another resource to manage content creation.

4. Content writing is a specialist skill

Your business has made a name for itself in a specific industry, unless that's copywriting why waste time, money and resources when a specialist could deliver better results, in half the time at a fraction of what you're paying your staff.

5. Outsourcing has never been easier

Thanks to the internet it's much easier to connect with quality content providers than it used to be. To make it even easier our content community of specialist creators all have at least 5 years experience producing high levels of quality material on demand in multiple languages. If you were a betting person, who do you think would write better content about your brand - you or the content specialist? Be honest!


Whether you call it brand journalism, content marketing or ghostwriting although it uses the term 'marketing' the practice is significantly different from traditional marketing. If your company has decided to handle everything in house this simply demonstrates it really hasn't grasped content marketings' full potential yet; half the fun is associating external comment with your your own brand messaging and leveraging a fresh perspective on what makes your business so interesting.