Editorial Content Strategy

Editorial Content Strategy To Rely On.

Here at ContentNetwork, the first place we start before helping our clients source and publish content is helping them define, implement and realistically manage an effective content strategy.  This section of our website is dedicated to content strategy tips and tricks that we’re sure any online platform looking to engage better and rank higher will find useful.

Do You Actually Have A Strategy?

So you have a great marketing team for producing in-house content, but how sure can you be that content is engaging audiences and the web pages that matter are even being indexed by search engines? Working with a dedicated content specialist, ContentNetwork will help you formulate a strategy people will believe in and follow.

Content Strategy Mistakes To Avoid.

Put simply, publishing content to poorly structured web pages or over-optimised websites is a waste of time, money and resources.  To prevent this from happening , we offer a range of consultancy and audits aimed at helping you analyse where vulnerabilities lie and how you can go about fixing them.  A lot has changed in the last few years, the time when you could fill a page with keywords and then simply invest in SEM are long gone. What’s even scarier is that following the introduction of social and mobile digital marketers live in a constantly changing battleground. An environment where you adapt or give up to the competition.


SEO, Content & Social Media

With all the recent changes we’ve seen occur with Google and search marketing as a whole it’s no surprise that many SEO experts find it a challenge to keep up with all the latest developments – much less actually put them into practice.

Every business is different and as a result, every business should act differently on social media.  The tone and style you choose to take on particular social media channels must adapt to both the expectations and mindset of its users.

For example, the mindset a user has when on LinkedIn is distinctively different to images they pin and share on Pinterest or Twitter.  How you tap into to the right audiences across these channels is a jungle. Luckily, we’ve tried and tested campaigns which can be applied to most types of businesses – big or small.

The Perfect Party

Here at ContentNetwork, we have extensive experience in helping brands maximise social media whilst complementing what they already have in house. For content strategy to work like many other content strategists we believe that the best analogy for success is just like throwing the perfect party;

  • Search Engine Marketing – knowing what type of invitations, flyers and word of mouth will drive attendance
  • Search Engine Optimisation – knowing exactly how much food, drink and good music will attract the right people
  • Content Strategy – ensuring people actually have a good time rather than leaving early thinking you’re strange or boring.

How would your website fair in such an analogy?

Questions to ask yourself…

  • Which content creation should be kept in-house vs outsourced?
  • Even if you’ve great marketing talent, should they really be spending their time creating content?
  • Would such talent not be better invested focusing on an overall strategy?
  • Are you fully up to date with the latest Google Algorithm updates?
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